Hip Hop 101 in Malawi

As i promised before, here are my design of the album art and the rising son's track.

I, personally, am not a big fan of hip hop, but i kinda like his sound. Easy listening? umm nah, i don't really know how to describe it. Try for yourself, Hip Hop 101.

What do you think about them? Critics and comments are very welcomed.


Rising Son

Kananji Msaka AKA Rising Son, my friend, my happy-time guy, one cool dude. Those, above, are some of his potraits i took for his mixtape, yes a mixtape, he is an artist, a rapper to be exact. He is releasing his mixtape titled Meanwhile in Malawi soon enough.

I'll design his cover art, i hope i can do good. After it's done, i'll post it here and also i'll post one of his songs after i get his permission. I am a little bit over-excited here right now, so smell you later?


The Era of The Geek

Whew, two and a half months since my last post. Alright, here's my second post in two thousand nine.

I had nothing to do today then i went to pick a random tv show to watch and it happened to be beauty and the geek: season 5. Well, the show was not as interesting as it titled, more of like battle of sexes in my opinion, but there was one monolog that catched me, it was said by one of the geek in the first episode.

"We, geeks, created your society."

Dang, he was probably right.

1. Facebook
Mark Zuckerberg, totally a kind of geek that would get slammed to the locker by all those jocks. He made this social networking site called facebook. Facebook is a hit, superstars, businessmen, congressmen, teenagers, you name it, even grandparents, have at least one facebook account, i am not exaggerating.
Wait, you know what facebook is, don't you? No? What should i say? You, geek!

Here is a video about facebook, made by Julian Smith.

2. Blackberry or iPhone
Blackberry is a total trend, well back in my hometown for sure, same as the iPhone in the United States of A, i guess. They both are not only gadgets that could make it easier for you to communicate, organizing your schedule, sending emails, and whatsoever, but now, they are also fashion items, social statements, signs of coolness.
The product design might not be done by the geek, but inside, the programs, the operating systems, yes, the programming geeks made them. Without it, either your Blackberry nor your iPhone is useful, definitely uncool.

Here is a video to show you how cool it is if you have an iPhone, also made by Julian Smith.

So, those are two of the probably-much-more things that be made by the geeks, not only for the geek, but also for the society. Those are the proofs that the geeks has defined your lifestyle, changed your daily habit; whoever is using those things i mentioned; under your consciousness.

This is it, the era of the geeks, when the geeks are the cools. Now, who wants to be a geek? Well, i need to read more about those PHP programming language, wish me luck, hehe.




It stopped at a quarter to eleven PM on the last day.
Does it mean my time has stopped?
I guess i would never really enter the eighth year of this milennium.

No resolution for me then,
Way to start, eh?


Square Ball

how old you are, how high your IQ is, what topic you talk about, what you are interested in, what you have under your wear, what you fantasize in the bathroom, how many checks you have in the back of your pants, who you party with, which nation you are in, what kind of music you prefer, what stick on your body, what size your t-shirt is, what food you eat, what book you read, what brand you wear, what you yell about, what you are good at, which school you go in every single morning, what you do for a living, what your last name is, what color your skin is, which supreme entity you believe in, how you die.

what a world we live in. what a life.

Finger Magic

Danny, 13 yo, beat Guitar Hero's "The Devil Went Down to Georgia" in expert mode, one hundred freakin percents. Any school for Guitar Hero? A course at least? Anyone?

Check out those fingers, i wonder if he could play the real guitar. Dang!