Square Ball

how old you are, how high your IQ is, what topic you talk about, what you are interested in, what you have under your wear, what you fantasize in the bathroom, how many checks you have in the back of your pants, who you party with, which nation you are in, what kind of music you prefer, what stick on your body, what size your t-shirt is, what food you eat, what book you read, what brand you wear, what you yell about, what you are good at, which school you go in every single morning, what you do for a living, what your last name is, what color your skin is, which supreme entity you believe in, how you die.

what a world we live in. what a life.

Finger Magic

Danny, 13 yo, beat Guitar Hero's "The Devil Went Down to Georgia" in expert mode, one hundred freakin percents. Any school for Guitar Hero? A course at least? Anyone?

Check out those fingers, i wonder if he could play the real guitar. Dang!


Unlikely Lunch

"Who pushed the button for Bigbang?"
"Who pushed the button for God? Who pushed the button for the one who pushed the button for God?"
"Hmm, this chicken salad is neat. Wanna try some?"

Lunch break, over a meal, started with "so, you're a moslem?"

Mankind, probably the most mysterious species on our planet. A mystery of open questions. Who are we? Where do we come from? Where are we going? How do we know what we believe to know? Why do we believe anything at all? Innumerable questions looking for an answer, an answer which will raise the next question and the following answer will raise a following question and so on and so forth. But in the end, isn't it always the same question and always the same answer? - Tom Tykwer



I am blank. 
I am empty. 
I am null.
I am lacking. 

I am uninspired.

Someone said that inspiration could come when you are feeling bad or sad or in love or anything but happy.

Does that mean that i am in an i-am-so-freakin-happy condition? Geez



I was in System Analysis and Design class, SAD for short, hmm sad huh. I was sleepy. I was bored. The lecture was boring. The lecturer talked about craps that made my three hours felt like six. I started doing random things. One thing i did un-bored myself. Look

Sorry if it isn't clear enough, my phone's camera sucks. Anyway, i did anagram on my name, and this was what turned out to be my name's anagram:


The hell? Try yours


Gaming Expression

It's a video project called "Immersion" by Robbie Cooper, a NYC photographer. He captured those looks on the kids' face when they were playing video games, bet it was a Playstation, yeay. One of them was having so much fun bursting out people's brain in an fps game while one of them actually cried playing god-knows what a sad game that is. I wonder how i looked like when i was immersing myself into this other world. It must be cool, hehe. This is one of the power of video games, my friend.

The video above is the UK's Telegraph version, for the NY Times' version click here.

Movie Weekend

Weekend for me is a movie-watching time, so was last weekend. Yes, i'm a movie-whore and torrent is my bestest buddy. Anyway, i watched five movies last weekend and three of them shared pretty similar main idea. They were:

Call me lame, i just watched that famous Wall-E and i agree that it is a good movie. Idiocracy is one of those movies with great idea but badly delivered. Nineteen Eighty-Four, i like this movie big time, it almost perfectly visualized the novel, felt like i was somehow brainwashed.
Those three movies above, they tried to show you how the world could become later in our future, which none of us would like. So be good, be aware, big brother is watching.

My next movie weekend round-ups are:

I'm curious about this movie below, Juno look-a-like. I couldn't find it anywhere in the web. Anyone knows or has one copy of it?

Alright back to my assignment then, agh.


Friction of a Number

That day,
He cried.
It was the first breath of the oxygen that crept into him.
It was the taste of the real world that shocked him.
It was the truth of facing this transitory state that scared him.
So, he cried, loud, that day.

That day,
She smiled.
It was the day after the nine-months-ten-days of time that relieved her.
It was the sound of his crying that made her forget how hurt it was.
It was the beginning of the new thing that excited her.
So, she smiled, sincere, that day.

November nineteen,
He is wondering why he cried.
November nineteen,
He is wondering what he should do to make her smiling again.
November nineteen,
The number changes once again only now it is slightly different.

Happy Birthday to you, ego.



I just read the NME Cool List 2008 and thought why not making one. So, here it is my personal cool list randomly ordered.

Steve Aoki - Ben Gibbard - Uffie - Thom Yorke - Alice Glass
Seth Rogen - Edward Norton - Erlend Øye - Agyness Deyn - Jamie Aditya

Yes, they are awesome in some ways, entertainment ways to be exact. Cool

Nevermind Baby

17 years has passed but still, a dollar he is. The inflation? yea nevermind.


The Hoax

Do you believe
that you woke up and found nothing left in your wallet
Do you believe
that you had lunch all on your own this afternoon
Do you believe
that you listened to your ipod shuffled until song number one nine four five
Do you believe
that you conversed with your friend and shut him down
Do you believe
that you had eleven shots and everything was correct
Do you believe
that you were on crack and cool to be so cool for it
Do you believe
that you tried so hard to fit the mold that was not even yours
Do you believe
that you really did what you did
Do you believe
that you are really there

Do you?


Tujuan Hidup

"Apa coba tujuan hidup lo?"
"Gw cuman pengen ngebuat orang tua gw senyum, tulus, bangga punya anak kayak gw. Setelah itu terjadi, mungkin gw akan siap untuk menghadapi apapun itu."

Tujuan hidup yah.

Jobs That Fit

I'm in my third year and my next step after college is getting a job. These are the workplaces in which, i believe, will perfectly fit me, my dream jobs, my molds.


Lowe Worldwide
I have a big passion for art especially the commercial one, the one that could move people to do what it say. This, London-based international creative advertising agency, has it. Notice those "got milk?" campaign's print ads? Ones with those Hollywood so-called stars in them. Lowe made them. Here is also a funny TV ad they made.

Konami, Inc
It's a video game company famous for its Winning Eleven and Metal Gear. I love video games and Metal Gear Solid series is one of my top games of all time. I love them so i wanna make them, simple.

Google, Inc
Everything is google today. Looking for a guide to make your own tie-dyed tees ? google it. It even has become a verb for god's sake. Another thing that make me want it so bad to work there is its office, the google campus. Look at these, it's the one in zurich.


In 2 years, i have to be in either one of them. This is my fantasy for now. Ciao



History has been made, the first half half president of the United States of America. The world cheers, they are celebrating, the whole world. Even the guys in my hometown are having a party for him winning the election. So, please welcome our president, Barack Obama.

Oh, and please behold, the New World Order.


No Rainbow

"what about sun? wanna meet it?"
"i prefer the moon. it's always there during the night. without it, my night will only be dark."
"but still, I'll poke the sun just for you cos it's far brighter than the moon and you should've known it."
"you know that the bright of the sun is too much for me. sometime it makes me blind. I need something that really makes me feel peace, and I don't take the sun for my answer."

Moon? It's the sunlight that actually make night brighter, the moon is only a reflector, a tool. We shouldn't rely on something that couldn't even shine by itself.
Me, I'm seeking for the brightest star, and the sun it is. Without it, no moon, no rainbow, no life, nothing. I realize that it could blind me, but there are risks in everything anyway. The brightest bright makes me curious to know what behind it, well it could be peace.
I'll pursue it, the sun, and whatever will be, will be.I 'm taking this risk for the greater good.

Crap, i'm writing with this super-massively-understood language of union jack in this whole post. After being so idealistic about my mother tongue, shame? Nah, once, harhar.



Tadi saya baru baca bahasan-nya disini. Fantastis, mungkin ini bisa dijadikan pertanda kebangkitan Microsoft setelah keterpurukan yang amat sangat dalam yang disebabkan oleh Windows Vista dan kecerdikan Apple. Tapi dengan ini, Mac? hoahmm

I'm a PC and I'm using iPod

Eleksi Adikuasa

2 hari lagi, 4 November 2008, pemilu presiden bagi rakyat negara adikuasa itu dan semua orang diseluruh belahan bumi peduli, atau harus peduli. Apa mereka menganggap presiden terpilih negara itu adalah presiden dunia kelak? Menurut saya, salah satu kandidatnya sungguh dinilai berlebih, komersil, ditumpukan terlalu banyak harapan. Apa karena dia sedikit berbeda? Oh sekarang akhirnya perbedaan itu bisa menjadi sesuatu yang positif juga.

Omong punya omong, ada yang tau cara kerja paypal ngga? Kaosnya bagus, cocok untuk pemilu 2009, haha.


Kesal? Dongkol? Jangan ditahan. Simak caranya diatas. Yok



Sebuah video klip dari AC/DC yang menggunakan microsoft excel sebagai media pemvisualisasinya. Ini seharusnya saya harus bisa ini. Harus meratiin dosen programming deh nih, hehe.

Dan sekali lagi, kreatif dan segar. Salut



Kata orang setelah lulus kuliah, kita bisa bebas, bebas menentukan apa yang kita mau untuk diri kita sendiri, bebas sebebas-bebasnya. Tidak sepenuhnya benar. Banyak, banyak hal yang harus diperhatikan, budaya, agama, pandangan masyarakat, semua itu batasan. Tidak ada kebebasan yang sebebas-bebasnya, absolut.

Karakter disini berusaha untuk mencari kebebasan yang absolut tersebut. Lepas dari orang tua, lepas diri dari ikatan norma yang ada dalam masyarakat, lari dari kehidupan yang orang lain bilang nyata, mencoba segala kemungkinan dalam hidup, masuk ke dalam alam, menyatu, mencoba bertahan, sendiri.
"Bila kita mengakui hidup ini diatur berdasarkan alasan, segala kemungkinan yang ada dalam hidup ini terhancurkan."- Alexander Supertramp

Saya selalu beranggapan bahwa kita ada, hidup, bukan karena diri kita sendiri, banyak hal yang turut serta disini. Merupakan suatu hal yang wajar untuk kita menghormati, menghargai, segala aturan yang ada, yang telah membuat kita hidup. Mencari kebebasan yang absolut untuk diri sendiri adalah idealisme berlebih, egois. Luas tapi dalam waktu yang bersamaan juga sempit.

Into The Wild, selesai.


Sedikit aneh tapi sangat kreatif dan segar. Jepang yah



Ini kali pertama saya harus cek dan ricek sana sini untuk perihal pembelian sebuah judul game baru. Biasanya, saya hanya perlu ke ITC Mangga Dua, tanya engkoh-nya "Gim baru apa aja koh?", ditunjukin, dapet lah minimal 5 game baru buat duduk anteng di depan televisi berjam-jam. Nah sekarang, Gamespot, IGN, Gametrailers berubah menjadi seperti sebuah meinkampf yang harus dipegang teguh dan dipercayai secara penuh.


Little Big Planet
Sebuah nafas yang boleh dibilang baru dan unik untuk sebuah videogame. Banyak unsur kreatifitas yang bisa disalurkan disini. Banyak yang saya maksud disini adalah yang amat sangat.

Guitar Hero World Tour
Walaupun kali ini agak meniru Rock Band, dengan menambahkan drum kit plus mic disamping gitar, saya percaya game ini akan wah. Adanya fitur untuk merekam lagu buatan kita sendiri di studio, sedap. Lagipula, saya percaya yang berpengalaman pasti lebih matang.

Metal Gear Solid 4
Hideo Kojima belum pernah gagal dan ini, sekali lagi, adalah salah satu kreasi terbaiknya. Grafis, saya angkat tangan terus sujud. Jalan cerita, yah ini Metal Gear Solid dan itu sudah cukup menjelaskan. Game ini pasti betul betul mantap dalam segala segi, pasti.


Agak terkesan bodoh sepertinya, hanya hal seperti ini saya butuh pertimbangan yang kesannya menyangkut martabat suatu bangsa. Sholat Istikharah dulu, terus Sholat Tahajud supaya para pembajak hak cipta dibukakan akalnya, amin.


Dapet account rapidshare dan ini dia yang saya namakan sindroma rapidshare. Download sana sini, kalap. Lagu satu satu? seluruh album-albumnya artis itu! hehe, tapi kebanyakan film saja, pemusnah gigabyte. Ah harus sedia DVD banyak-banyak dah ini

Selesai habis:

Masih menganggur di hardisk saja:

Ditunggu ke-rapidshare-annya:

Rapidshare batu! Nanti kalo nganggur, sok sok me-review aja deh



Saya dapet website yang bisa bikin perut kotak kotak, ngupingjakarta. Saya punya cerita yang gayanya mirip-mirip website tersebut, hehe. Nih

Jadi 6 dong
Pemuda: Anjrit! malem ini anginnya gede banget dah, dingin aja
Pemudi: Nah iya makanya kan gw sampe pake baju dobel 3!
Pemuda: Wah pantesan yah elo keliatan lebih berisi..

Melankolis: Masuk angin nih gw kayaknya, ga enak banget
Sanguinis: Untung ga masuk penjara!
Melankolis: ...

Kress kress kriuk



Saya acungkan 5 jempol untuk ini. Tidak dianjurkan untuk orang yang gampang pipis. Klik gambarnya dong, coba.


Kevin Rose -- Hideo Kojima -- Jonathan Ive.

Saya kagum dengan mereka, cara mereka berfikir, kreatifitas.
Dan saya baru bisa mereka, mereka menjadi mereka. Bisa lah, pasti. Jah


Esensi Lebaran

Lebaran sendirian, sok sedih. Setelah meminta do'a restu dari kedua orang tua, saya akhirnya meng-akuisisi salah satu barang yang sejak 2 tahun lalu sudah saya idam-idamkan.

Yak, sebuah Sony Playstation Tiga. Si hebat, tangguh, besar, pintar dan hitam mengkilat. Dengan game perdana saya yaitu ini dia.

Waw, Grand Theft Auto Empat yang menurut saya adalah game yang paling cocok untuk mengawali karir Playstation saya ini. Satu kata, sempurna. Gameplay, storyline, grafisnya mantap dengan rating 10.0 dari Gamespot.

Ini lah esensi lebaran gaya baru yang saya coba buat untuk diri sendiri. Eh tapi jadi agak mirip sama Natal-nya orang Amerika yah, pake barang yang menimbulkan kesan materialistis dan konsumtif. Ah bodo, pokoknya waw, waw dan waww. Jadi Niko Bellic dulu ah, merasakan jadi orang lain sebentar.


Kembali Fitri



Lebaran ketiga nih ga sama papa mama adek adek, mudah-mudahan ga sampe yang keempat. Cao


F says:
lagi galau nih gw
X says:
iya ktauan dr tulisanya ko
F says:
gw takut kehilangan comfort zone
X says:
jgn gt laaa
sante2 laa
blm dijalanin pake takut
apasii lu
F says:
oleh karena gw ga bisa ngeliat ini bakal kemana makanya gw takut
kalo smua udah terprediksi gw ga bakal takut
X says:
ahhh jgn norak2 deh lu


Manusia itu dilahirkan sendiri, individual. Meninggal pun sendiri, walaupun bawa temen, ujung-ujungnya juga ketemu sama Tuhan nanti juga sendiri, individual.

Tapi kenapa seiring usia mereka bertambah, mereka menjadi makhluk sosial yang cenderung untuk tidak bisa hidup tanpa orang lain?


Kembali ke--

--kehidupan sebenarnya sampai empat setengah bulan kedepan.



Apatis adalah sikap yang cenderung untuk tidak peduli pada situasi disekeliling.

Skeptis adalah sikap yang meragukan pendapat orang lain dan menganggap diri sendiri yang paling benar.

Negatif atau positif? Tergantung menurut saya. Tapi kalo dua-duanya digabung, jadi mirip psikopat. Jah

"Jangan pernah takut kehilangan sesuatu yang lo sayang, toh pada waktunya itu pasti juga bakal hilang."

Ngabuburit saya nonton 6:30 dan hasilnya ya kalimat tersebut.

Memang ga perlu ketakutan, tapi apa salahnya siap-siap kan?